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RainMagic works excellent on all types of water craft from power boats to jets ski.
  The faster you go the better it works

Rainmagic is safe far all types of marine windshields.
Rainmagic's unique marine formula leaves a non stick coating on marine windows that keeps salt spray and dirt from sticking make windows easier to clean  and last for weeks.
 Easy to apply
 Water based formuls
 16oz bottle
Rainmagic products are used as Oem equipment by manufactures like Horizon Yachts.


 Rainmagic Approved For Rainier Windows:

Clarity, Safety, Sophisticated Design and DurabilityRainier Windows are a proprietary, semi-rigid and crystal clear window system for yachts and architectural enclosures of all sizes. Formerly Barrett Bonded Windows, these windows are unsurpassed in clarity, durability, sophisticated design and safety.

The difference in visibility between a Rainier Window and regular soft vinyl windows is remarkable. Glass-like clarity in both a polycarbonate and impact resistant acrylic substrate with a patented seamless design, provide strength and durability custom fitted to your boat for a unique enclosure.

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